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Index of Creationist Fossil Groups

FACT Dinosaur Digs (Montana)—Otis Kline
What: Half-day, Full-day and Weeklong digs for T.rex, Triceratops, Hadrosaur, Thescelosaurus, Pachy, etc.
Location: Glendive, Montana
Website: www.creationtruth.org

Baisch’s Dinosaur Digs (Montana)—Shana Baisch
What: “Take home dinosaur fossils, petrified wood, colorful rocks and precious memories from a day in the Eastern Montana badlands. Play paleontologist while you hunt for and excavate Triceratops, Edmontosaurus, and the elusive T.rex.”
Location: Glendive, Montana
Website: www.dailydinosaurdigs.com

Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum (Texas)—Joe Taylor
What: Fossil evidence, sales, excavation, prep & casting.
Location: Crosbyton, Texas
Website: www.mtblanco.com

Creation Studies Institute (Florida)—Dr. Tom DeRosa
What: Ice Age Fossil Floats, finding fossils of mammoth, mastodon, armadillo, sloth, horse, shark teeth, etc. Also, weeklong dinosaur digs in Glendive, Montana, with FACT.
Location: Floats—Peace River, Arcadia, Florida
Website: www.creationstudies.org

Creation Adventures Museum (Florida)—Dr. Gary Parker
What: One-day Fossil Hunting Canoe Trips, Weekend Excursions and Weeklong “Creation Education Vacations,” featuring hands-on workshops and vertebrate fossil collecting (mammoth, mastodon, giant armadillo, shark teeth, etc.) on the Peace River—by appointment only.
Location: Arcadia, Florida
Website: www.creationadventuresmuseum.org

Creation Evidence Museum (Texas)—Dr. Carl Baugh
What: July dinosaur and human footprint excavations on the Paluxy River.
Location: Glenrose, Texas
Website: www.creationevidence.org

Answers in Genesis Creation Museum/Dinosaur Digs (Montana) —Buddy Davis
What: Weeklong dinosaur digs in conjunction with FACT—T.rex, Triceratops, Hadrosaur, crocodile, turtle, etc.
Location: Glendive, Montana
Website: www.creationmuseum.org

Adventure Safaris McGlenn Dinosaur Digs (South Dakota)—Russ McGlenn
What: Dinosaur digs—Edmontosaurus, Hadrosaur, Triceratops.
Location: Lemmon, South Dakota
Website: www.tccsa.tc

Creation Science Association for Mid-America (Kansas/Missouri)—Tom Willis
What: Family Creation Safaris to study geology, astronomy and fossils.
Location: Usually Kansas or Missouri
Website: www.csama.org

Northwest Creation Network
What: A good source of listings for creation adventures & field trips.
Website: www.nwcreation.net

Creation Research (Australia)—Dr. John Mackay
What: Fossil evidence and field trips.
Location: Queensland, Australia
Website: www.creationresearch.net