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Terry Speaking on “Feathered Dinosaurs” at Creation Science Group

Velociraptor head

On Friday evening, February 14, 2014, Terry will be giving a Powerpoint presentation to the Rocky Mt. Creation Fellowship (RMCF). The title of his talk will be, Dinosaurs and Modern Science: Featherweight Facts & Fertile Imaginations in the Extreme Effort to Sell Dinosaur-Bird Evolution to the Public. Terry will be discussing and showing pictures of a mueum exhibit he visited last year that featured dinosaurs dressed up in feathers–some of which were absolutely ridiculous (see above)!

If time allows, Terry will show a second PP about the Denver Museum’s “Snowmastodon Project” and how the fossils they found suggest a far more recent age than 50,000-150,000 years. He will also be selling and signing copies of his book, T is for T.Rex: Some of God’s Most Amazing Creatures from A to Z. You can learn more about RMCF and Terry’s presentation atĀ www.youngearth.org. And, yes, It’s Valentine’s Day, so bring your sweetie with you.


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