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Footprint Article Featured in Creation Publication


Here at the start of 2014, I’m pleased to report that my article on a new dinosaur footprint tracksite in southwestern Colorado will be the featured, front-page article in the January/February edition of Creation Matters (CM). Entitled, “Unique Trackway in Middle Jurassic Rocks Defies Evolution,” it describes the geological setting of these inchnofossils, and discusses how–and by whom–they were made. As you might guess from the title, my findings show the complete inadequacy of standard evolutionary models to explain the evidence and suggest a better, more realistic–and more scientific view.

The Creation Research Society (CRS) publishes this newsletter, which is aimed at non-scientists, along with the Creation Research Society Quarterly, which is more technical in nature. This organization was started over 50 years ago by pioneers of the modern creation science movement such as Henry Morris and  Duane Gish, so I’m honored that my piece on this unusual dinosaur trackway is being given such prominent treatment. 

If you’re seriously interested in creation science, you might want to look into becoming a CRS member and receiving these informative resources (http://www.creationresearch.org). They also offer many other great items in their bookstore (like T is for T.Rex!), which members can purchase at a discount. If you aren’t able to obtain the Jan-Feb issue of CM, I will be posting a version of my article on the website in the months ahead. Alllow me also to wish you and yours a blessed New Year!


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