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T is for T.Rex & TV “Star”


Over the weekend I went to the Denver Spring Mineral Show at the Ramada Hotel in north Denver, which advertised that one of the stars of the Prospectors TV program would be there. Mineral and fossil dealers from all over the world come to this event every year, where they rent rooms in the hotel and sell their goods. Of course, I took a few copies of my dinosaur book for kids, T is for T.Rex, with me (I don’t leave home without it).

The Prospectors “star” at the show was Joe Dorris of Pinnacle 5 Minerals. If you’ve been watching this TV series, which airs Tuesday nights on the Weather Channel, you have no doubt seen the trials and travails of Joe and his family as they mine for minerals in Lake George, Colorado. And while he disclaims being called a “TV star,” there’s no question that Joe sells the best Amazonite and Smoky Quartz specimens in the world.

Amazonite &Smoky Quartz

Amazonite &Smoky Quartz

Long story short, not only is Joe an author of two books, which he was selling along with his minerals, but he is a friend of mine. Joe was kind enough to add T is for T.Rex to his “book table” for sale–and to pose for a picture with me. You can check out Joe’s work at www.pinnacle5minerals.com.


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