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Scientists use feathery logic to descibe new dinosaur

Another article, this one from Discovery.com entitled, “New Dinosaur had Chicken-sized Young,” again illustrates the amazing amount of speculation involved in modern evolutionary science, especially when it comes to supposed dinosaur-bird evolution. The story is about the recent discovery of juvenile bones of a new species of  dinosaur, presumed to have feathers, is highly misleading. The two-legged, three-toed, beaked Yulong mini (Small Henan Dragon) is a member of
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T is for T.Rex & TV “Star”

Over the weekend I went to the Denver Spring Mineral Show at the Ramada Hotel in north Denver, which advertised that one of the stars of the Prospectors TV program would be there. Mineral and fossil dealers from all over the world come to this event every year, where they rent rooms in the hotel and sell their goods. Of course, I took a few copies of
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A feathered T.rex? You bet!

Over Spring Break during a trip to visit some friends in Texas, our family had the chance togo to the Witte (pronounced “witty”) Museum in San Antonio, which happened to be hosting a traveling exhibit called, Dinosaurs Unearthed: Bigger. Better. Feathered…. Claiming to feature “the world’s largest and most advanced life-sized animatronic dinosaurs,” more than anything else the exhibit seemed to showcase many fossils
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