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Terry P. Beh is a Christian writer and editor, who has participated in numerous creation science dinosaur digs, serving as a supervisor on many of them. This “hands-on” experience has only confirmed his faith in God as the Creator of all things, as well as the biblical record of creation. He wrote "T is for T.Rex" to combat evolution by giving children the chance to learn about dinosaurs from a biblical point of view. The ultimate aim of this dinosaur book is to glorify Jesus Christ, the Creator and Savior of the world.

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“Huge” Dino Dig in NW Colorado

From August 17 to September 1 I had the privilege of being on a dinosaur dig on a private ranch in NW Colorado, not far from the aptly-named town of Dinosaur, with Dr. Carl Baugh of the Creation Evidence Museum (CEM) of Glen Rose, TX. With limited time, temperamental weather and many huge bones exposed, it took a major effort to excavate the site and
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Terry Speaking on “Feathered Dinosaurs” at Creation Science Group

On Friday evening, February 14, 2014, Terry will be giving a Powerpoint presentation to the Rocky Mt. Creation Fellowship (RMCF). The title of his talk will be, Dinosaurs and Modern Science: Featherweight Facts & Fertile Imaginations in the Extreme Effort to Sell Dinosaur-Bird Evolution to the Public. Terry will be discussing and showing pictures of a mueum exhibit he visited last year that featured
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T is for T.Rex Featured at Science Fest

On Saturday, January 25, 2014, Terry will again be selling and signing his book, T is for T.Rex: Some of God’s Most Amazing Creatures from A to Z, at the School Crossing “Science Fest” in Colorado Springs. This is a great family event where kids can learn about science in a fun, hands-on way! Aong with his book, Terry will be have lots of
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Terry Beh appearing at Local Author Showcase

Come enjoy light refreshments as you listen to local authors talk about their books! The authors will each have 5 minutes to discuss their work; a book sale and signing will follow. Terry P. Beh will be discussing his children’s dinosaur book, T is for T.Rex: Some of God’s Most Amazing Creatures from A to Z. Other authors appearing include: Jane Schreiner, Bruce Rawles,
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Footprint Article Featured in Creation Publication

Here at the start of 2014, I’m pleased to report that my article on a new dinosaur footprint tracksite in southwestern Colorado will be the featured, front-page article in the January/February edition of Creation Matters (CM). Entitled, “Unique Trackway in Middle Jurassic Rocks Defies Evolution,” it describes the geological setting of these inchnofossils, and discusses how–and by whom–they were made. As you might guess from
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Dinosaur Footprints Defy Evolution

Earlier this year while on a camping trip to SW Colorado, I was shown a very unusual series of footprints in Jurassic sandstone. I recently returned to the site with field paleontologist Joe Taylor and creationist friend Don Ensign to make a mold of the trackway–which locals have always called “cat tracks.” If they were indeed large feline tracks, they would push back the supposed
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Article Now Featured in Creation Science Pub

A version of my article that first appeared on this website is now the featured, front-page story of the May/June edition of the Creation Research Society’s newsletter, Creation Matters. Titled, “Feathered Dinosaur Exhibit: More Fantasy than Fact,” my piece discusses how modern science education has become mostly pro-evolutionary propaganda, based more on wishful thinking and creative artwork than scientific facts. CRS is one of
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Scientists use feathery logic to descibe new dinosaur

Another article, this one from Discovery.com entitled, “New Dinosaur had Chicken-sized Young,” again illustrates the amazing amount of speculation involved in modern evolutionary science, especially when it comes to supposed dinosaur-bird evolution. The story is about the recent discovery of juvenile bones of a new species of  dinosaur, presumed to have feathers, is highly misleading. The two-legged, three-toed, beaked Yulong mini (Small Henan Dragon) is a member of
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T is for T.Rex & TV “Star”

Over the weekend I went to the Denver Spring Mineral Show at the Ramada Hotel in north Denver, which advertised that one of the stars of the Prospectors TV program would be there. Mineral and fossil dealers from all over the world come to this event every year, where they rent rooms in the hotel and sell their goods. Of course, I took a few copies of
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A feathered T.rex? You bet!

Over Spring Break during a trip to visit some friends in Texas, our family had the chance togo to the Witte (pronounced “witty”) Museum in San Antonio, which happened to be hosting a traveling exhibit called, Dinosaurs Unearthed: Bigger. Better. Feathered…. Claiming to feature “the world’s largest and most advanced life-sized animatronic dinosaurs,” more than anything else the exhibit seemed to showcase many fossils
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